Geek Therapy

Heroes ACE

In this blog, I look at different heroes and villains from across different universes and look at their adverse childhood experiences (ACE's), protective childhood experiences (PCE's), and see how that impacted the character experience post traumatic stress (PTSD) or post traumatic growth (PTG).

If you want to understand my therapeutic approach, I encourage you to check out my HeroesACE blog with the Geek Therapy Network.

Geek Therapy

I am a part of the Geek Therapy Network Comminity.

Over a decade ago Josue Cardona started the Geek Therapy Network to bring geeky professionals together together to discuss how geeky things influence their practice. In short, it is a network of community support, and resources.

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Geek Therapeutics

I am a member of Geek Therapeutics and working towards certification.

Anthony Bean created Geek Therapeutics with a clinical approach in mind. Geek Therapeutics offers training and certification.

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