Why? Gets right to the core of where you want to spend your most important resource, time.

Why? Breaks parenting down to basic elements to help nurture a child's brain.

Why? As much as I enjoy the movie Inside Out, this book brings emotionally language and understanding to the next level.

Why? A positive psychology and geek therapy approach to wellness.

Why? Sometimes we need to get back to basics of where we came from as a species.

Why? Even though it is directed to women, this book is great for all genders regarding sex and drives.

Why? Foundational for knowing how trauma can get "stuck" in the body and not the mind.

Why? Blending families is a lot of work, and this book helps focus on intentional ways to bring a family together.

Why? Emotions are important, but sometimes we need to look at relationship work as economical.

Why? We all have biases, whether we are aware of them or not.

Why? Grit is one of the 24 character strengths - and can be learned.

Why? I love astronomy, so naturally I listen to when an astronaut makes recommendations on how to live on Earth.