Children's Books

Why? Playful way of addressing fears, worries, and anxiety.

Why? Addresses in a simple way the impacts of lack of sleep and getting enough sleep.

Why? Playful way of practice breathing exercises.

Why? Learn how to break a task into smaller steps.

Why? Sometimes things change, and we don't want them to, but we have to learn to accept the seasons of change.

Why? An adorable way to help create connection when apart.

Why? We are all connected, even when apart.

Why? Sometimes parents make decisions that impact children, and this can help with that conversation.

Why? Starting school can be difficult, and hard to navigate classroom dynamics.

Why? Be brave, be true to you.

Why? Being picked on is difficult, including someone can also be hard.

Why? We all have value even amongst our weaknesses.

Why? Are you a perfectionist and a helper - this book is for you.

Why? Making changes from the things that happened to us.

Why? Don't want to spoil this book, but it deals with enemies.

Why? Lessons can be learned from a dinosaur that poops a planet.